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INFINITE Photo Booth Monitor Removal

How to Remove the Monitor on your INFINITE Photo Booth.

Need to remove & repair or remove & replace the monitor on your INFINITE? Here’s how.

1. Unscrew the bottom and top screws of the bottom acrylic. Be sure to loosen the top arylic by slightly unscrewing the bottom screw.
2. Gently slide the bottom acrylic off of the LEDs.
3. Repeat this process on the other side.
4. Once the acrylics are removed, loosen the bottom screws that hold the monitor in place.
5. Detach the touch screen cable.
6. Detach the power cable.
7. Detach the VGA cable.
8. Unscrew the top screws while holding the monitor in place. Be sure to apply pressure to the monitor to ensure it doesn’t fall as you remove it.
9. Reverse these steps to attach a new or repaired monitor.

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