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June 2017 Software Updates – Photo Booth Upload

Software Updates to Photo Booth Upload for June 2017


1) Improvements to setting up Green Screens and Page Designs:
– Pixel coordinates in Page Design (Photo holder advanced tab) .
– Green Screen Photo holders start at 100% size .
– Shortcut (“c” or right click) to center photo holder in settings.
– Outline around photo holder in green screen settings.

2) Option to trigger Auto-Focus before taking each DSLR burst GIF:

3) Numeric keyboard for texting switched to phone style (“1” in top left).

4) Glitch-mode GIFs now show previews after recording.

5) Option to mirror photo holders in Page Design.

6) Audio Countdown Option and digital shutter sound.

7) New option in video tab to mute audio playback during processing.

8) Fixes:
– Fixed issue where if page design had one photo repeated, would ask guest to take one photo for each repeat.
– Updated Photoshop Action to work with 32-bit color.
– Fixed issue keeping users from creating multiple custom version of filters.
– Fixed issue causing “Done” button to be a weird size when customized.
– Updated PBU/PPU integration when using multiple 3rd party software.
– Clear Settings now also clears green screen folders.
– Default stretch mode in Page Design updated to “crop”.
– Fix for custom settings option in Filters.
– PBU adds “Date Taken” Metadata to photos.
– More options for “Splash Page”.

Additional Updates to PHOTO PARTY UPLOAD:

1) Update to VR360 display on microsites.

2) Updated Facebook sharing logo.

3) VR360 Rotation in 360 view in Kiosk.

4) Numeric keyboard for texting switched to phone style (“1” in top left).

5) Increased print speed when internet is slow.

6) Additional Bug Fixes.

These updates were released 6/28/17.

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