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Photo Booth Controller for Nikon D3 using Arduino

Photo booth controller to control a Nikon. Drunk people will hit the big green button, and will have 10 seconds to strike a pose. There will be 3 pictures, with a red, yellow, then green countdown before each. People have not been able to sort out how to use the timer button on the MC-36 remote, as they’re usually drunk, so I’ve decided to “simplify” it for them by creating a box with one button. Can be placed on the props table, so they don’t need to venture near the camera. Uses 2 transistors, one for focus, the other for shutter release. Didn’t have any optocouplers handy, but no smoke yet.

Basic transistor layout for the focus/shutter release can be found here:

Prototyped on a Sparkfun RedBoard (arduino), then final product setup on an Arduino Pro Mini 5v, running on a 7.5v wall plug via 2.1mm barrel jack, but in theory could be run on a 9v batter, but not sure how long it would last.

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